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Speaker Spikes

Speaker spikes are cone line objects that you can buy to place underneath your speakers. There are several reasons as to why people use these speaker spikes with stereo systems, but the main one is for vibration control.



Some people believe that having your speaker sit on a speaker spike will drastically reduce the amount of stray vibrations caused by the speaker. This, in turn, would lead to better sound. The question, however, is whether or not these speaker spikes actually work?

speaker spike         speaker cones

On one hand, you can see how a speaker spike or speaker cone might indeed decrease the vibrations because the area touching the speaker or the ground (depending on which way the cone is placed) is very small.

In theory, this would allow a very miniscule amount of vibrations, if any, to pass through the cone. However, some have said that this might not be an accurate theory. Some say that a cone shaped spike might actually increase the ability of the speaker to transmit vibrations to whatever it is sitting on, due to some different laws of physics.

Which is right? Well, it seems that speaker cones have a bit more going for them, but the debate is still up in the air.

speaker spikes        speaker cones

What if you want to use speaker cones? Wouldn’t they puncture your flooring if you had them facing downward? Yes, if you were to use sharp spikes and point them downward while a large speaker system was sitting on them, they could potentially puncture the carpet or the floor.

To combat this, however, a lot of people have taken to placing small coin-shaped pieces of metal underneath them to distribute the weight. This can help tremendously, and is a great idea if you are planning to use speaker spikes on carpeting or wood flooring.

Buying speaker spikes and speaker cones is pretty easy. You can get them at about any music store, but you may have to order them online if there is not a store close by that sells them. This is sort of a hard to find item on a local level, so you will probably end up shopping on the internet for it. You can usually get great prices on lots of them, so make sure to order enough. They are pretty inexpensive by the set, which is always good when you are buying eight or more.



The main thing to remember is that speaker spikes can help you create better sound with your speakers, but not unless you are using them! Why would you want to spend a bunch of money on expensive speakers, only to have them sound funky due to odd vibrations and buzzing? Get some speaker spikes, and get the very best sound possible!



Speaker spikes are out there to help you get your money’s worth out of your speakers, so use them! Stop wasting your money on speakers if you are not going to get the very best out of them! Invest in some speaker spikes today; some great options are shown above, in association with Amazon.

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